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Digital Evidence Management Suite


Otec Solutions have released a digital photo & evidence management suite that offers a completely customizable digital file management & automated production workflow solution catering to police forensic information services. From scene of crime capture to production ordering, the systems flexible modules configure to meet the needs of each secure users interface. This improves personnel and process efficiency, enforces compliance where desired, reduces waste, provides tracking/reporting and integration with other supportive/dependant IT systems.

The evidence management suite is built on the world's most popular digital asset management system, Canto Cumulus™. The suite also offers add-on modules that address the specific needs of law enforcement. Software is built on secure and solid industry open standard platforms and includes all necessary components to support a complete photo and digital file evidence  management solution.

Otec Solutions Inc. has been helping their customers implement and support digital asset management and automated workflow solutions since 1999. As a Canto Development Partner, Otec Solutions has been customizing systems development work to enhance our client's reach and effectiveness in supporting their unique business requirements through customized scripting and programming.

DEMS Overview

The Foundation

Canto Cumulus – As the world’s most popular full featured digital asset management solution, Cumulus is both feature rich and flexible in its ability to catalog and manage assets with unique metadata. Extended features are supported for commonly used file formats such as RAW, PDF, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, Open Office as well as many graphic production applications and audio/video formats. Secure user or “role” specific interfaces simplify management of access and permissions authority.

Formal technical certification & development programs lie at the heart of the Canto Cumulus global distribution, support & developer model. To learn more about Canto Cumulus go to:

Digital Evidence Management Suite

The suite consists of three (3) modules described below.

Wizard – This module is activated by simply plugging a digital camera into any PC where the software is installed, or launching the interface when using an accessible disk location. Upon activation, the officer will be requested to enter his badge number, case number, case specific metadata and other tracking data required by the organization. The system will pull all of the photos and gathered metadata into the system. Because each organization is different, this metadata is customizable and where desired, can be made mandatory. Key features:
  • Activated by plugging in a camera
  • Automatically assigned security to images based on investigating division (immediately limits access for sex crimes and homicides)
  • Allows for special tagging like footprint, fingerprint, blood spatter etc.
  • Immediately available for searching for authorized users
Ordering – This module provides a tool for officers to generate orders of evidence for court. In concert with court staff, officers can select evidence, add it to a collection basket and then generate an order. The order then gets routed to Production Management where it is fulfilled. 

As a browser based technology the evidence management module is easy to deploy and access while still allowing granular security. Key features:

  • Detailed order taking - user can specify image sizes and quantity; whether they want thumbnails, DVDs; how they want it sent
  • Instant search results provided by fast Cumulus search technology
  • Brandable and customizable interface
  • Face recognition - search mugshots from all historical cases
Fulfilment – This module is a workflow interface for managing evidence through production stages. Secure access allows authorized forensic staff to process orders to satisfy evidence requirements associated to each specific case. Orders can be tracked through multiple output choices and can include shipment, shipment notification, and even delivery confirmation if desired. Reporting satisfies the needs for metrics and for billing of court staff end users of the evidence.

Key features:

  • Complete workflow management for forensic technicians
  • Rich configurable e-mail notification system
  • Revenue generating transactions


Module Details...


Connecting your camera activates Photo Wizard, which pulls photos from the camera or an accessible disk location. (Fig 1) Metadata is gathered from the user interface and cataloged with the associated assets into the system. The interface is thumbnail based and has been kept simple to make it easy to use. (Fig 2) The system tracks and keeps all the correlations required to easily access evidence for perusal or trial. (Fig 3).

Wizard - Select Source

Figure 1 - Choose disk or camera...

Wizard - Thumbs

Figure 2 - Select images to import/catalog....

Wizard - Metedata Filled

Figure 3 - Enter metadata with which the images are tagged

This gets the photo evidence into the system with minimal effort and maximum metadata applied to the evidence. As soon as the photos are transferred from the camera, the officer is free to continue his day as the system processes them in the background. Once processed they are available for use. The metadata collected on the Photo Wizard can be adjusted to suit each organizations terminology and data capture requirements.



This module provides both a view as well as workflow process options to facilitate searching for and adding files in collection baskets. The collection baskets are used to create orders for output and production which is then handled via the Production Module.
Add to Basket


Order Form

Order Form

The Collection Basket tab of Evidence Management is where the users can proceed to download the images or generate an order depending on their permissions.


This module provides access to orders created in Ordering and get prints or DVD’s made of the collected orders, usually for use in court. Workflow is a key component. When forensic staff users log in they see their job queue and can start processing jobs immediately. Reporting allows you to see metrics as well as feed billing systems to ensure timely invoicing of court staff who request the evidence. A sophisticated notification system ensures all parties are kept abreast or order progress.
Current Orders

Order Queue

Images Ordered

Order Details


Face Recognition

DEMS also has an optional face recognition module. It is a tight integration with F2 Face Recognition software which can be seen in detail here

Digital Evidence Management Suite makes it easy...

Three simple interfaces handle most needs. The wide array of additional general purpose functionality available through the standard Cumulus solution allows for almost any type of use desired. If task specific simplified interfaces or workflows are required, the suites J2EE Application Program Interface and built-in web services can be leveraged to provide any type of custom functionality required. Otec Solutions can create these specialized applications for you or, if you have the knowledge already in-house, you can create them your self.

DEMS is an enterprise evidence management system with built-in fault tolerance, web-based UI, support for multiple SQL back-ends and can run on a number of application servers.

To learn more about Otec Solutions Digital Evidence Management Suite

Contact Otec Solutions at  or Jim at 416-616-6507.

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