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1publish at Drupa

Manage online your marketing assets such as product sheets, flyers or advertisements. Publish your marketing collateral in a multi-channel way to a PDF, printer or iPad.


drupa logo The new 1Publish, exclusive at DRUPA 2012 null

2imagine has put a lot of effort in preparing the second release of the online WYSIWYG editor 1Publish. Valuable feedback from our customers has been our prime inspiration. But being trendsetters in the world of online publishing we didn't stop there and added some new features as well. While keeping focused on ease of use all along.

With its refresh, the look and feel of the user interface has been brought up to date. But you can also opt to adapt the visual experience to your own liking with a skin! The new interface also allows to display only those functions and tools the user needs.

Using InDesign tables

With the latest version of 1Publish you can continue to work on tables initially created with Indesign, with all required table actions. Add and remove rows or columns freely. And you will certainly enjoy the editor performance gains brought about by the work we did under the hood.

Make an appointment

Would you like to see our new editor and try it yourself? Then make sure you pay us a visit at DRUPA 2012. We will be in Düsseldorf from May 3 until May 16 in hall 7a, booth C06. Make your appointment for an extended demo on the spot, or book your 1Publish experience already now, right here.

Book your appointment here.

pijl Ouest-France creates info-graphics
null using 1Publish

With over 800.000 daily copies, newspaper group Ouest-France is one of the biggest players in France. The 47 editions it publishes every day are created in 63 offices with 523 journalists and 2.520 correspondents.

But the scope of the output and the mere size of the team proved to be a handicap to Ouest-France. The graphics department was overwhelmed with requests for the large number of info-graphics to accompany the different stories, and quality started to suffer. By adopting 1Publish, all these problems were solved.

Help yourself

Using the 1Publish online tool, journalists can now help themselves. After all, they are the ones who know the right spot on the map to put the news in perspective. 1Publish allows them to lay it all out intuitively. But the applications are endless. The composition of the soccer team info-graphic designed in a minute. Add comments to a technical drawing in no time. The editorial office can now process the news as it happens, no more waiting for availability of the graphics department.

Final editing

The workflow still includes a final say by the senior editor. It's never a bad idea to double-check the info-graphics before they go to print.


1Publish logo


bulletonline WYSIWYG editing
bulletbrand control
bulletself service publishing
bulletbuilt-in media library



bulletproduct information
bulletCross medial output
bulletSmooth integration API



bulletCustomizable portal per user
bulletConfigure workflow processes
nullwith e-mail notification and
nullcustom web interface
bulletOut-of-the-box webshop with
nullonline payment


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