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Canto Cumulus makes it easy for your workgroup or large organization to quickly organize, find, share, and track an ever-increasing number of files: photos, logos, presentations, videos, Office, Adobe files—anything digital. Cumulus is a time-tested cross-platform solution with over 12,000 Cumulus Servers sold and more than 1,000,000 user licenses distributed.

Cumulus DAM from Canto - Cumulus X released!Canto Logo

Cumulus LogoEditions

  • Cumulus Workgroup
    • Includes 5 concurrent user licenses. 
    • Supports all file types and version control (check in/out). 
    • Client software for Windows and Mac is included. 
    • Cumulus Workgroup also includes:
      • Cumulus Web Client - full access (read/write) web portal for collaboration with partners, home-based workers or other users needing remote access.
      • Cumulus Portals/Sites - consumer web portal for sharing your assets with partners, consumers or the public at large. Requires no user access license so millions can access your assets in a read-only capacity, essentially for free.
    • License limitations: No more than 25 users may be connected to this Server concurrently
  • Cumulus Enterprise
    • Includes 10 concurrent user licenses. 
    • A second Server license is included, which may be used for mirroring, load-balancing, development or backup purposes. See End User License Agreement for details and restrictions.
    • It includes all features standard on Cumulus Workgroup (including both web portals), and also comes with many modules described below:
      • Roles-based access model, LDAP integration and Extended permission provide the most granular access control available.
      • Usage Statistics and Reporting mean you can collect all manner of usage information on your assets and report on that usage.
  • Cumulus Add-on Products
    • External Tool Connector - Provides a generic asset processor that enables Cumulus to call external applications from within asset actions. It also enables the generic filter to use external image processing applications for thumbnail generation and previews.
    • Mobile Client - Offers fast and operator-compliant access to your media data using your mobile device wherever you are. Apps are available for iPhone and iPad.
    • Amazon S3 AssetStore - Allows you to store your assets on Amazon S3. Instead of maintaining your own file storage solution, you rely on a premium cloud service. The Cumulus Server itself can still be hosted on-premise. Additional charges from Amazon apply.
    • Adapter for Adobe Drive – Access a Cumulus catalog and cataloged assets from every Adobe application (e.g. InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator) supporting Adobe Bridge. Mount your catalog as a local drive or folder using Adobe Drive. Connects to Cumulus via CIP. Its license empowers the CIP Server to provide all the functions needed; thus no CIP license is required. No user licenses are used.
    • Canto Integration Platform (CIP) – Platform from which integrations between Cumulus and other systems can be developed. Offers various APIs, such as Web Services (e.g. RESTful). It supports simultaneous connections (pooling) per user for the communication between Canto Integration Platform (CIP) and the Cumulus Server.
    • RoboFlow - Workflow engine for integration workflows. Compose own workflows from more than 100 actions using a graphical user interface. Run an unlimited number of workflows simultaneously. Requires a client license.
    • Video Cloud - Extends Cumulus with video conversion and streaming capabilities for formats flv, wmv, mp4, mp3, 3gp.
    • FileSystem Companion - Listens to file system events and converts these to Cumulus events. This allows Cumulus to automatically catalog, update or delete records based on appropriate changes in the file system. In combination with the new file system versioning the FileSystem Companion will provide automatic versioning whenever a file is modified, no matter what application was used. Note: Available for Windows and Linux file servers
    • HELIOS Companion - Automatically keep Cumulus catalogs in sync with HELIOS Server volumes. Changes made on the HELIOS Server volume (new file, rename, move, delete, etc.) are reflected in the Cumulus catalog automatically. Access the HELIOS ImageServer from within Cumulus for image processing, and support the cataloging of XPV files. Includes:
      • HELIOS Synchronizer
      • HELIOS XPV AssetStore
      • HELIOS Asset Processor


  • Organize, find, and share digital files of any type, control & standardize branding.
  • Improve productivity and workflow while sharing approved assets with associates for work or the public for consumption.
  • Track usage of important assets with analytics and maximize use of digital files and intellectual property.
  • Control license costs.

Why Cumulus?

  • Easy setup. Highly secure. Platform independent.
  • Extremely customizable and easy to integrate into your workflow.
  • Vast developer community for support and additional plug-ins including: Adobe Drive Adapter, Workflow Manager, Roboflow and many more.
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