Cumulus Hybrid DAM

Digital Asset Management  is a core system. All media in an organization is stored, managed and distributed to internal systems, users, outside partners and clients.

Media assets appear in PIM, DAM and CMS systems in your organization and in your partners and clients. The processes moving assets to their point of use need to be automated and seamless. Their value is directly tied to their ease of use.

Cumulus has all the standard features you would expect a DAM to have as well as sophisticated workflows, automation and APIs. Integrated with PIMs like Stibo and myview, CMS like Sitecore, e-Spirit, Drupal and WordPress and…

IT or no IT – we can implement either way. The DAM can be hosted or on premise and the data can be in the cloud, hosted, on-premise, CDN – you tell us. We have built systems entirely in Azure and Google cloud.

For a quick over view on 2 new Cumulus features, image recognition and auto-tagging, see here:

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