DEMS – our Solution for Managing Digital Evidence

DEMS Overview

The Foundation

Canto Cumulus – As the world’s most popular full featured digital asset management solution, Cumulus is both feature rich and flexible in its ability to catalog and manage assets with unique metadata. Extended features are supported for commonly used file formats such as JPEG Digital Camera RAW, PDF, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, Open Office as well as many graphic production applications and audio/video formats. Secure user or role specific interfaces simplify management of access and permissions.

Formal technical certification & development programs lie at the heart of the Canto Cumulus global distribution, support & developer model.

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Digital Evidence Management Suite

The suite consists of three (3) modules described below.

Ingestion Wizard

This module is activated by simply plugging a digital camera into any PC where the software is installed, or launching the interface when using an accessible disk location. Upon activation, the officer will be requested to enter their badge number, case number, case specific metadata and other tracking data required by the organization. The system will pull all of the photos and gathered metadata into the system, preserving centralized chain of evidence from time of ingestion. Because each organization is different, this metadata is customizable and where desired, can be made mandatory.

Evidence Management

This module provides flexible configuration so that each user or group, can be extended the specific rights and permissions for their pre-determined level of authority.  Everything from single file view-only permission access, right up to rich user features are browser based and available globally if desired. Some of the features available include:

  • collection baskets
  • download permissions and renditions
  • batch file conversions
  • ZIP file creation
  • email collections
  • full featured searching with frequently used searches being saved and shared
  • all systems transaction details starting from access are logged to support manual or automated report creation.
  • advanced face recognition is available here as an option integrated module

As a browser based technology the evidence management module is easy to deploy and access while still allowing granular security.

Production Management

This module provides a configurable interface for managing evidence through production stages. Extending secured user access from the evidence module allows authorized users to place orders to satisfy evidence requirements associated to each specific case. Orders can be tracked through multiple output choices and can include shipment, shipment notification, and even delivery confirmation if desired.

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