Cavok On-premise DAM

Forget everything you’ve ever heard about DAM systems. cavok is unique and it’s different from traditional Digital Asset Management systems.

cavok is clever

Lengthy searches for the right file or a suitable image become a thing of the past with cavok’s intelligent search functions. As you always work from the master document in cavok, no tedious manual updates are required as media links are integrated.

cavok is adaptable

cavok grows with your activities and can be easily customised to specific requirements. With its modern system architecture, our DAM system can be easily integrated into your system landscape.

As the cavok user interface can be adapted to various languages, you can always work together with your international colleagues in the best way possible, whether from your workplace or on the road via your smartphone.

cavok is very clear

It’s clear how to use our Digital Asset Management system and our license model, and these are structured in a way that is easy for you. When you buy cavok, you always get complete functionality – modules and extensions are included. The price is mainly based on simultaneous users.

cavok optimises your workflows

Improve teamwork with our DAM solution. Regardless of whether you work with colleagues in different locations or different companies, or even with international partners: with cavok, you can avoid disruptive duplicates, reduce file sharing and greatly simplify correction loops.

cavok keeps your data under control

You decide where your data is stored. Whether this is on your own servers or in a secure data centre: with cavok, you data is always secure and under your control, because we don’t offer a classic cloud solution. With cavok’s copyright management, you also have an overview of when rights of use for files expire. We place a lot of emphasis on SECURITY.

What does cavok mean?

The term ‘cavok’ comes from aviation and means ‘Clouds And Visibility OK’. This means the best visibility for pilots.

Our goal: we want to create the best visibility for your media assets with our cavok Digital Asset Management system!