Simple DAM – one size fits all

Otec and

There are many solutions to choose from when it comes to managing image, media and marketing collateral files which go into marketing automation and content creation workflows. Larger organizations can leverage an enterprise system, but most organizations need a simple cost effective solution.

In many cases the next step is to look at more traditional SaaS and cloud DAM solutions. Just sign up and start using it. The problem is that most of these are not prices like simple solutions. The advantages are clear: no IT involvement required; one-stop solution – they provide everything; one stop for support. 

Once you start pricing though, it becomes clear that you can get storage cheaper almost anywhere else – often one tenth the price –  but their solution is bundled. However, you can get DAM functionality and get you storage from someone who is competitive in that arena.

This is precisely why Otec Solutions started working with last year. They have a DAM solution with the type of functionality required by DAM users but they don’t sell you the storage. The DAM system connects you to your own google drive. So, whatever great deal you or your company have with Google, it is completely leveraged by and you aren’t locked into whatever they want to do. Google has to compete with the world and will always be competitive.

One other advantage of this model is that you are always in control of your files because they are on your Google Drive. If you decide to change vendors, there is no requirement to extract all of your data in the process because it is on your Google Drive.
There are also add-ins for the Adobe CS suite – try it out at: