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Otec Solutions Inc.

Specializing in Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions. DAM is the backbone of many industry solutions like evidence management, marketing management, digital libraries, web-to-print, document distribution... Otec builds solutions to satisfy extensive requirements. Try us on.


Cumulus DAM from Canto - Cumulus X released!Canto Logo

Cumulus is the world's leading DAM system with over 1 million client licenses, over 15,000 workgroup and 100's of enterprise installations. No other system comes close.

 Cumulus Logo  
Digital Asset Management for Business
  • Full workflow capabilities including automation
  • Professional and Consumer web portals, desktop client for Mac/PC
  • Multiple APIs for customization - integration with popular CMS, Office, Adobe

There are multiple deployment options for our Canto DAM systems:
  • On-premise - both Enterprise and Workgroups editions support this
  • Hosted - high-availability; can be hosted in Canada or US - both Enterprise and Workgroups editions support this
  • SaaS - simple, easy deployment, cloud - Canto Flight (based on Cumulus technology)
Video overview of Cumulus

Canto Flight - simple cloud-based DAMCanto Flight

Media Cloud - Intelligently store all your product shots, event photos, sound effects, video clips, documents and more.
Keywords + Tags - Ensure consistency without stifling usability. Administrators define global Keywords. Users assign Tags organically.
Security Matters - Securely upload visual content to the cloud. No more risk of shared users accidentally removing or deleting files.

A few of the features of Flight:

  1. Bulk Upload - Move your content to the cloud en masse. A real timesaver after a long photoshoot or live event.
  2. Branding - Give Flight a coat of paint from your organization’s palette and not only create a great user experience for your team, but also showcase your brand each time you share download links with externals.
  3. Permissions - Expose or hide content you choose.
  4. Expiration Dates - Set expiration dates to ensure sensitive information remains close to the chest.
  5. InDesign Plug-in -  The InDesign Plug-In will extend the creative workflow capabilities of Flight by enabling users to drag-and-drop files from Flight into InDesign to create linked assets. Canto Introduces Adobe InDesign Plug-In for Flight ACE

DEMS - a solution for Law Enforcement agenciesDEMS

Built on the solid platform of Canto's Cumulus DAM system are 3 modules geared to associates who know nothing about DAM:

  1. DEMS Wizard activates upon camera plug in and imports your photos/videos with entered metadata. It can also be used without a camera to import all sorts of documents and relate them to your case.
  2. DEMS Evidence Management module provides an easy interface for selecting evidence and packaging it into a case file for output and distribution to trial lawyers or others in need of the evidence.
  3. DEMS Production Management module provides and easy interface for forensic teams to enhance evidence and produce hard copy evidence for presentation at trial or for other use by trial lawyers or other parties. Many forces use this as a source of revenue.
  4. Technology supports LDAP, SSO, SQL (MS-SQL, MySQL, Oracle) and mail notifications.
  5. F2 Facial recognition - including partial facial recognition - has been integrated with DEMS. Mugshots imported into the system can be used to search the rest of the  system for matching faces.


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