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Otec moved Mitsubishi Motors of Canada to Canto, the SaaS DAM solution.

Canto re-brands Canto Flight to just Canto.

Cumulus 11 is out. Main new features are: Auto-tagging of assets – an integration with Clarifai or EyeEm; Solr extended search indexing – web-based indexing – distributed or off-loaded; improvements to Media Delivery Cloud (MDC), Web Client


We specialize in implementing DAM systems – specifically Canto Cumulus – because we feel they have the most complete and customizable solution available. It is also very reasonably priced compared to the competition.

We focus on understanding your needs and providing a solution which automates all of the mundane and repeatable tasks. Cumulus has a full featured workflow system as well as a sophisticated automation tool, Roboflow.

Otec works with many other Cumulus resellers to deliver solutions. This results in best of breed solutions which are used by many other DAM users.